Andy Szakaly Law Office Nashville, Indiana

Formerly Jim Roberts Law Office Nashville, Indiana

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Law Office of Andrew A. Szakaly
Located in Brown County Indiana.


57 N. Jefferson Street

Nashville, Indiana 47448

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On March 1, 2015 this law office will merge with Szakaly Law Office. Andy Szakaly and Jim Roberts formed a law office in 1975 know as Roberts & Szakaly. Jim and Andy have been practicing law in Nashville, Indiana and Bloomington, Indiana for 40 years.

Jim Roberts--James T. Roberts--was a trial attorney practicing in Southern and Central Indiana. Jim is currently a full time deputy prosecutor in Brown County Indiana. He is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Law. His practice includes Felony Criminal Trials, Driving Intoxicated, Controlled Substance and Drug Charges, Personal Injury Claims and Defenses, Bench and Jury Trials all over Southern Indiana. Jim Roberts has served as a State Prosecutor and was on the Federal Prosecutorís staff and has tried more than one hundred criminal jury trials as either a prosecutor or a defense counsel.

The office is physically located in Nashville, Indiana, a small, historic artists' colony 45 miles South of Indianapolis, Indiana, located between Columbus, Indiana, and Bloomington, Indiana, twenty minutes from the campus of Indiana University.

The Law Office is a personal service oriented law firm organized as a professional corporation. In addition to Andy Szakaly and Jake Moore, it employs Carol A. Roberts, an experienced paralegal.

Whether the charge is a minor misdemeanor or a major felony, when your liberty is at risk, you need experience on your side!

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